A. How to Access Our SMEEIS Funds
             To access our SMEEIS fund, your business must be located in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
             Your requirement shall not exceed N200 million.
             Your net assets (excluding land), shall not exceed N500 million.

B. How to Access WAVF Funds

             To access the WAVF, your business must be located in either Liberia or Sierra Leone
             Your requirement shall not be less than US$100,000 and not exceed US$500,000

            There must be a clear cut line of business with proven business model and clear key drivers that drive a clear
                commercial advantage.

                  If you meet the above requirements, you will be expected to:

                     Complete an application form.
                     Submit a business plan (or proposal) detailing the service you wish to offer, your strategy for making it a success
                       and a detailed financial plan including the amount of financing required.

UVC/WAVF Investment Consideration include:

                      A clear cut line of business

                      A value proposition

                      Show clear understanding of your industry structure

                                    Regulations/Government policy
                                    Know your customers
                                    And the intensity of the competition

                       .....Know the key drivers/ basis of competitive advantage

                      Show an achievable Revenue model

                      Show UVC/WAVF, reason(s) for doing the deal.


All applications are registered and assigned to an Investment officer with relevant expertise in the required field.

We seek Returns on investment commensurate with risk. Applications that meet our initial screening criteria are processed further at this stage. Typically, appraisal activities include meetings with promoters; information gathering, investment analysis and a go / no-go decision by the executive investment committee.

Due Diligence
At this stage, detailed pre-investment due diligence is carried out. Board Investment Committee presentations are made and a decision to invest is reached.

If a Board Investment Committee approval is obtained, a Letter of Intent shall be issued. All other legal and financial documents must be finalised and financing options agreed on before disbursement.

Our driving philosophy is to partner with our clients. Typically, this would entail at the minimum, a board position and where required, management advisory services.

We prefer investment opportunities that offer a three-to-five-year exit window.

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